When a baby is born, a mother is born too

Everyone around a newborn baby and new mom tends to forget about new mom’s health while they are excited to have a baby at home. A woman’s body is entirely transformed forever externally and internally with physical and psychological changes from pregnancy to post-delivery.  

There will be hormonal changes, inflammation, wound healing, skin changes, reduced metabolism, sleep deprivation, reduced energy levels, stress, increased responsibilities, postpartum depression, weight gain, and many more. 

Many women REALISE this after a couple of months by when it will be too late to reverse the condition. It takes way more effort then than if they would have planned it ahead. 

With regards to post-natal care, internal and external care are equally important for new mothers. External Ayurvedic oil massage during this period improves circulation, clears all the channels of our body, balances the hormones, enhances the production of breast milk & improves metabolism. This leads to natural weight loss. Moreover, massage with medicated oils tones the skin, strengthens the joints, reduces the stress, and induces sleep which is critical during this phase. 

“ suggested Rupika post-natal care kit to many of my clients who are pregnant and new moms to lose weight and get back their pre-pregnancy look. It has been a very powerful augmentation along with our healthy weight-loss program so far with great results both in India and the US. As this is an Ayurvedic product, it has all-natural ingredients without any chemicals and safe for everyone. Since this is easy to use package with a specified amount of oil each day, new moms can easily use it by themselves without the help of nannies. Rupika post-natal care kit is certainly a must-try product with a Holistic approach for all new mothers out there and I am happy to recommend it to all my clients in my practice”