Is Rupika from a new Company?

Rupika is a traditional therapeutic product for post natal care from Marquess Genetica Pharmaceuticals. Established in 2002, Marquess Genetica is a Pharmaceutical company funded by UK investor and managed by professionals with more than couple of decades of industry experience at highest level across India in MNCs.

Why Rupika?

•Post Natal Care is a much ignored area in India and rest of the world. There are no safe products in Allopathy(English Medicine) which can take care of the multiple issues like Pain,Swelling,Fluid retention,stress,Lack of Sleep,Poor Breastfeeding,Depression etc post delivery.

•Ayurveda, a tradition of more than 5000 years of Ancient India has the best solution to rejuvenate the mother without any adverse effects for mother and newborn. Ayurveda says 42 days of traditional care for the mother ensures wellbeing for 42 years.

•Rupika is Ayurvedic Post Natal Care Kit with right combination of most traditional oils and herbs which offer lifelong health benefits to every mother/woman

What is the duration of Therapy?

Traditional Ayurveda says 42 days post delivery for best long term benefits. But a minimum of 28 days is recommended.

Is this therapy safe?

Rupika is absolutely safe and traditional Post Natal care therapy.

Is it mandatory to have the services of a therapist to apply RUPIKA?

No. It could be applied with the help of a maid/anyone at home. However if you need such therapists, we will be happy to organize the same locally.

How different is Rupika from other Ayurvedic products?

Rupika is unique.There is no comprehensive Post Natal Care Kit with ingredients of RUPIKA. The ingredients are from Kerala, home to diverse herbs and spices which is an integral part of ancient Ayurveda. Traditionally, such therapy is recommended by Ayurvedic Acharyas/Doctors and the patient has to buy several ingredients from multiple centers. Most importantly, no one clearly explains how to do the therapy in detail. Here,each Kit contains comprehensive manual to support every user.

What are the other products from your Company?

Marquess Genetica is a pharmaceutical company established in 2002 with a range of Allopathy products. Rupika is the first traditional ayurvedic product from Marquess and we are planning to introduce more Ayurvedic Women & Child care products shortly which will be marketed through Franchisee network.

Any Question ?

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