Ayurveda says 42 days of traditional care for the mother ensures
wellbeing for 42 years!

Motherhood brings with it a combination of emotions like Pain and Joy. The whole world pampers the newborn and ignores the mother. The mother herself relegates her needs to take care of the baby!

Transformation of a woman to mother involves great physical strain and is almost a rebirth.It is therefore mandatory that Every Mother needs affection,love and the best care. Yes, Every Mother needs Rejuvenation to regain her vitality and wellbeing.

Every Mother faces huge physical,mental and emotional challenges like Back Pain,Sleeplessness,Stress, Anxiety,Post Partum Depression,Skin issues,Difficulty in Breast Feeding.

Postpartum Care is much ignored across the world.Studies in U.S indicate that 85% of mothers undergo Postpartum difficulties and In India 1 in every 5 mother reports Postpartum problems.

Modern science has made great strides and offers solutions in many challenging areas but post natal care is not one of them. Here the solution should be effective and most importantly safe for both mother and child. Ayurveda, a tradition of more than 5000 years of Ancient India has the best solution to rejuvenate the mother without any adverse effects for mother and newborn.Ancient Aurvedic Acharyas have advised Abhyanga (Oil massage) as an important aspect of Postnatal care.Every leading Ayurvedic text from Charaka , Sushruta and Ashtanga Hridayam mentions the benefits of proper care which includes Ayurvedic oil massage,proper diet and rest.

Ayurveda says 42 days of traditional care for the mother ensures wellbeing for 42 years!

RUPIKA is Natural Post Natal Care Kit with right combination of most traditional oils and herbs which offer lifelong health benefits to every mother. According to Gynecologists, Menopause too brings in many similar issues like Sleeplessness,Anxiety,Mood Swings,Dry Skin and RUPIKA could be a very effective and safe way to address the same naturally.

Revive, Rejoice

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